In order to help you make an informed choice and facilitate the deciding process, do take note of the following:

  • Singapore Carpentry's pricing on website indicates standard cabinet designs.
  • Singapore Carpentry's Standard height for a full height cabinet is 8 feet. Any height above 8 feet will be subject to additional charges.
  • Any personalized designs or additional materials will be subject to additional charges.
  • All kitchen cabinet sets come with 1 dish rack and 1 set of drawers free, Singapore Carpentry reserves the right to change the terms of this free gifts.
  • All cabinet door hinges are soft closing. Singapore Carpentry do not offer complimentary soft closing drawer tracks, it would come under additional cost from respective distributor of the mechanism. However if you have any additional specifications, do let us know. Singapore Carpentry is more than happy to help!
  • Every $10,000 spent will come with a complimentary 3D perspective drawing.
  • Height Definitions:
    Low height: < 3 ft
    Mid height: 3 – 6 ft
    Standard full height: 6 – 8 ft
    More than full height: > 8ft

How to Measure

Measurements are essential to start the conception of your renovation project. This allows our professionals to visualize the room to renovate more accurately. Don’t worry if you’re unsure as the final measuring will be done by our expert employee. Any measurements given will help us immensely with our creation process.

You can:
  1. Make a rough layout sketch of the carpentry (eg. cabinet) you want to produce
  2. Measure each interior wall
  3. Specify the height of the walls
  4. Indicate all openings, including frames and windows
  5. If possible, specify the height of the opening from the ground up